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Kenya's Insurance regulatory Authority is in the process of re-designing its logo to enhance its visual profile. Individual designers and companies are encouraged to submit their proposals in soft and hard copy. For more information, please read through the detailed brief available on this website.

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Adobe Youth Voices "Create With Purpose"

Kenya Telecentres Link is running the AYV “create with purpose” program through her member/partners.
1. Kogere Community Knowledge Centre
2. St. Theresa's girls secondary

Adobe Foundation’s global signature philanthropy program, empowers youth from undeserved communities to use technology to explore and express their perspectives on issues impacting them and their communities. Through Adobe Youth Voices, youth ages 13 to 18 create compelling videos, animations, photo essays, presentations, music, and other pieces that contribute the essential perspectives of youth to critical topics and inspire new solutions to long-standing problems.

From 22nd August 2011, the participants at Kogere CKC have been learning Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe premier Elements software for media creation. The topics chosen for intervention are:

  • Access to education Gender inequality
  • Corruption
  • Drug abuse
  • Uncouth cultural practises

At the end of the first phase, a total of 167 youth shall have been trained in media creation from the two centres and twelve media created expressing issues around the above topics.


Adobe youth