Telecentres in Developing Countries

What are Telecentres?

“They are community Resources offering access to communication and information technologies. With this effort there is hope of inducing development of marginalized populations. Without an effort to bring these technologies closer to these populations, it is in error to claim that they would catch up on claiming the benefits of information revolution seen among developing worlds.

Youth and Agriculture: Key Challenges and Concrete Solutions

The Global population is expected to increase to 9 billion by 2050, of which, 14% are youth aged between 15 – 24 years. While the world’s youth population is will grow significantly, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for youth, especially those living in developing countries’ economically stagnant rural areas – remain limited, poorly remunerated and of poor quality. Few young people see a future for themselves in agriculture or rural areas. Some of the major challenges faced are: limited access to land; inadequate access to financial services; insufficient access to knowledge; information and education; difficulties in accessing green jobs; limited access to markets; and limited involvement in policy dialogue.

Introducing the Google Basics Telecentre Challenge – An incentive program for Telecentre Managers

Great news for Telecentre Managers worldwide! Telecentre Academy (TCA), the training and certification arm of Foundation (TCF), is launching an incentive program called The Google Basics Telecentre Challenge. This program seeks to recognize and reward the Telecentre Managers who are able to get the most number of community members enrolled in TCA’s Google Basic Tools Certification Course which is aimed at increasing the level of employability of individuals in local communities.

TCA to offer entrepreneurship course for women

Telecentre Academy (TCA), the capacity building arm of Foundation, will soon be launching a new course entitled “Women, Entrepreneurship and ICTs”. Designed specifically for women with an enterprising spirit and an idea of what they want to start, the course seeks to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship and encourage them to pursue entrepreneurial activities.
Recognizing the gap between training initiatives focused on the use of ICT tools in the enterprise world and those full blown business administration courses that take much longer to complete, TCA developed its latest course offering in an effort to bridge this particular gap.

New publication on empowering women entrepreneurs through technology

Women's small businesses are important contributors to economies, particularly in the informal sector. At the same time, institutional and systemic barriers, and legal gender inequalities, as well as socio-cultural norms and practices, often stymie the potential of women entrepreneurship.

These factors may cause constraints in such areas as women's access to finance, time availability due to multiple roles, physical mobility, and access to education, skills and training. ICTs can help to overcome some of them, and there are also business opportunities in the ICT sector itself.

How Can We Give Women Equal Access to the Internet? Enter the Writing Contest!

Delivering Your Voices to Influencers Worldwide

The World Pulse community is a testament to the potential of the Internet to foster meaningful connections and positive change in the world. What will it take for all women across the globe to benefit from everything the Internet has to offer? If you want to make your voice heard on this important issue, participate in our WWW: Women Weave the Web Campaign! Want to learn more about the campaign before you participate? 

Over 2,500 users register for TCA’s Google certification course Foundation (TCF) is happy to announce that its free Google certification course, which is being offered through the Telecentre Academy (TCA), has been well received, thanks to the support of partners in different regions. More than 2,500 users have already enrolled in the course since its launch early this year, and over 1,300 have taken the exam. Most of the enrollees come from Spanish-speaking countries namely Ecuador, Spain and Colombia.

Call for proposals for the Plug&Play Day (14 July 2014) at Fin4Ag in Nairobi, Kenya: Digital/mobile financial services for agric

Proposals are being solicited from interested application developers, innovators, as well as “techies” to demonstrate systems/applications/innovations that fall within the Fin4Ag conference theme. The sessions will be designed to allow demonstrators to share their skills and expertise in an interactive format, learn with participants who may be interested in these tools, and enable hands-on experience from participants. (Note: This could also be a platform for systems/applications/innovations developers to showcase the value of their innovations to potential investors).

Global Innovation Competition semi-finalists revealed, KenTel and PhilCeCNet entries move to semi-finals

Making All Voices Count’s Global Innovation Competition, launched at the Open Government Partnership Summit in London November 1st, 2013, set out to scout the globe for the best new ideas and proven concepts to enhance government transparency and accountability.

7 Reasons Why Libraries Are the New Telecentres

As those, who have been in and around community-based ICT/Internet access (community informatics) initiatives well know, the primary dilemma for these activities (e.g. Telecentres) is how to ensure sufficient sustainability, organizational stability and programmatic flexibility to allow for survival once the immediate round of funding which helped them launch, runs out.